G.O.D. Debut
Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) was first introduced in Kenya in the year 2015, and
activities were conducted in Kibera and some parts of Kawangware. In 2016, the
movement was introduced to EAK who coordinated the 2016 activities and now 2018.
The journey of Global Outreach Day dates back in the year 2016 where EAK was first
mandated to coordinate G.O.D. activities here in Kenya. G.O.D. was totally fresh in the
minds and hearts of many hence making publicity a major strategy for easy access. The
vision has since grown in the hearts and minds of many, and is still gaining momentum.


The vision of Global outreach still is to spur every believer to reach out to the lost.


The Goal of G.O.D. 2018 in Kenya
To mobilize 2000 churches to reach 1 Million people in the Republic of Kenya.
Scope: To reach a minimum of 10 Counties


The great commission
The church stands commissioned by Jesus Christ to Evangelize the whole world with the
Gospel, bringing people to the knowledge of God and his salvation through Jesus Christ
(Mathew 28:19-20 and Mark 15:16)


2018 G.O.D. journey began
1. EAK Annual General meeting
2. Dr. Billy Graham Memorial Service at CITAM Valley Road
3. Various church forums where G.O.D. was well marketed
4. Networks created with all religious institutions that work at church level, school
level, college level and community level.
5. Mobilization of some government leaders


Tools for G.O.D.
During G.O.D.2018, various tools were used to assist in presenting and disseminating
the G.O.D. message to the people. 3 steps were used for training, The greatest story
ever told to men was used as an outreach tool, t-shirts were used for branding and
identification, banners were also used for branding and publicity, posters were used for
publicity and announcement.




Nairobi holds a special place in the heart of Kenya and ministry as a whole. Divided into
about 17 Sub Counties and clustered into 5 regions required various strategies for
effective oikos penetration. Nairobi has three major dynamics in the nature of ministry
delivery, one is to target the Nairobi Un-churched/ not born again relatively religious
“populace”, two is to target the needy and slum dwellers of Nairobi, and three was to
target the Muslim community in various estates within Nairobi.


The strategy was to first train key church leaders who were to implement the 2 Timothy
2:2 vision of replicating what they were taught to other faithful. Training was conducted
in the five regions of Nairobi and in the various churches and below are photos of various
training that were held in Nairobi county.


There were several activities that took place in Nairobi County. Nairobi was divided into
5 strong regions with key clergy taking mandate over the regions. Activities conducted in
the regions ranged from, G.O.D. music and prayer night, one on one, bus preaching,
street evangelism at the CBD, prison ministry, open air meetings, church activities
amongst others.


Global Oureach day (G.O.D.)
Reverend Joyce Kariuki, the wife to the EAK
Chairman Bishop Dr. Mark Kariuki. Reverend Joyce from House of Bread Deliverance
Church rallied the church towards evangelism on G.O.D. and 35 people got saved.


Machakos County
A good number of clergy participated in Global Otreach Day in Machakos County. 10
Pastors and 40 other believers coordinated activities in the region, and areas covered
included Kathiani, Ngoleni, Mwala, Masii, Mavoko, Matungulu, Matuu, Maa, Mwitu. A total
of 140 people got born again and G.O.D. birthed a souls winning team that encourages
believers to reach out every regularly.


Kitui County
Global Outreach day Kitui county rose up in earnest after the successful training on 15th
May 2018 by the team led by Pastor Jairus the EAK national coordinator where over 79
pastors were trained. This training set Kitui chapter for the outreach. Kitui county is an
area that in the past has been surrounded by lots of spiritual warfare especially witchcraft.
The churches in the area for success must have clear strategies of fighting this vice.
Prayer meetings featured strongly as part of the strategies that the clergy team in Kitui
embraced. This are the outcomes of G.O.D


New born again Christians – 158
House holds visited. – 200
Testimonies of healing. – 55
Testimony of restored family – 1
(Husband and wife were separated, but were brought together and prayed for salvation.
Preaching on syokimau FM station on Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) and on the message
of the Gospel


Prison ministry where inmates were counseled, others healed and even some were
delivered from evil spirits that had tormented them for a long time.
This is a report of FGCK Kitui town, Fountain of Grace Family church Kitui town, Mutitu
FGCK,GTC Muthungwe and Mutitu, Deliverance church Misewani. We are still awaiting
more reports as they come.


Mombasa is a predominant Islam territory in line with history. Several strong churches in
the region, a collection or about 38 top church leaders met, were trained on 3 Steps and
together devised strategy on how to penetrate this region. Relationship evangelism and
one on one was the key channel that the team could get the message across to the
community. Training of teams from the churches maximized the level of reach out.


The dynamics of Kilifi County is also predominantly Muslim infested region and the
churches in the area are usually faced with some kind of aggression and strong
opposition. None the less, the team in kilifi was able to surmount the challenges reported
and through one on one exercise, in one of the regions 7 people, five of Muslim
persuasion were able to give their lives to Jesus. In another area 5 people gave their lives
to Jesus.


Outreach programs targeted the community and Baringo Bible Institute participated


Uasin- Gishu
Outreach through various denominations and churches was activated and believers were
kept alive to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Materials that came were also a booster in
the area of proclamation of the Gospel in a unique and effective way.


During a seminar held on 17/5/2018 at the New Wine Church in readiness for the G.O.D
which was scheduled for 26/5/2018, a total of 21 churches were represented. To help
achieve the G.O.D mission, Kisumu was divided into six units with three ministers covering
each unit. These units were; Nyalenda, Manyatta, Dunga, Nyamasaria, Migosi and
Milimani & the CBD. Records from the six units show that a total of 48 people gave their
lives to Christ Jesus. Even though not all the pastors as desired got to be part of this
exercise, glory to God that each and every unit was well represented.


Challenges: Lack of good camera for use made it hard to get photo coverage and are yet
to get some photos taken by pastors who had smart phones during the exercise. I cannot
fail to thank God for pastors who sacrificed their time to be part of the G.O.D.
Bishop George Barack


During the training in Kisii
Prayers and Outreach Program


Training were held in Nyamira


The Kiambu training took place at Ruiru Deliverance Church bringing together a total of
about 40 Church leaders representing the five Sub-Counties. 3 Steps training was a big
challenge to the clergy that had attended the meeting and G.O.D. was received as a
timely idea.


During G.O.D. the clergy that had attended the session mobilized their members into
action. In one church a total of 350 people gave their lives to Jesus.


The teams drawn from clergy from various denominations participated so strongly when a dam
known as Solai burst and killed 48 people and leaving a score of others displaced and in
need of either treatment or food supplies. This team responded by rescuing a good
number victims and later by mobilizing resources to help the affected. It was indeed a
wonderful charity and mercy ministry that preached to many the love of Jesus. The
Nakuru team saw about 217 people accepted Christ as personal savior through this one


Kakamega town area training


1. Village to village, door to door and person to person outreach
2. Sub County open air meetings
3. Jesus film
a) Total number accepted Jesus Christ as Lord in congregation setting is 254
b) Total accepted Jesus through the Jesus film outreach program is 132
c) Total accepted Jesus through open air meetings is 80
d) House to house is 42


1. Clergy gathering forum
2. Outreach programs where members combed homes, business areas
3. Prayer rallies in various areas including dedicating the Kimilili rd black spot area


The campaign began in earnest drive in all the Sub Counties of Muranga and a culmination
of one major event in Ndumberi Stadium where a big gathering was planned.


Migori County chapter organized various activities targeting the community. The idea was
to offer the community service as a means for evangelizing to the community. The event
brought together key government leaders, community leaders, Christian NGOs and
church leaders and members. World Vision, CBOs and interdenominational churches


Pastor George Amolo was one of the Global
Outreach Day trainers. He conducted training in Kisii, Nyamira and Kisumu City County.
His testimony is that through G.OD. eyes of many Pastors were opened on the need for
evangelism. In deed Global Outreach Day was seemed by many as a catalyst towards
church growth as Christ Himself commanded.


Global Outreach Day was of
great impact in Kitui County. Kitui is a County that is surrounded by many issues,
witchcraft being one amongst many. The church during Global Outreach Day stepped out
in authority and dealt with the vices that otherwise choke the development of this
county.The unity that was displayed especially among the clergy was phenomenal.
Church power and presence has been felt all across and we are thankful for G.O.D. vision.


Dove Ministry, a church where I
fellowship has been part of G.O.D. since inception. G.O.D. is a timely vision that seeks to
mobilize the church towards growth and success. I thank God for the opportunity of being
part of the G.O.D. planning team courtesy of EAK. My experience of training people for
G.O.D. in Ruai, Kawangware and Kibera was a lovely one, an opportunity to even learn
more on God’ desire concerning His church. Pastor Benard Agoi, Dove Fellowship and
G.O.D Planning team and EAK Prayer Committee member


Mombasa is a wonderful place where the
grace of God operates in full. The opportunity to train in both Mombasa and Watamu
Island was a blessing. A lot of focus was on how to penetrate this Islam infested area
without creating conflict. The Pastor in the area determined to proclaim the word of God
without fear and in wisdom. The participation of the Pastors fellowship during the training
and in outreach was key.


Teacher Benard Imbuye – G.O.D. Trainer
I have engaged in Global Outreach Day since 2017 and one thing that G.O.D. has taught me is
passion for the lost. During 2018 G.O.D., training pastors on 3 steps and The Greatest
Story Ever Told has revolutionized several church and created a paradigm shift. I did
training in Komarock, Mathare, Kayole, Eatleigh, Buruburu, and Dandora areas of Nairobi.
I conducted training also in Kitui, Kangema, Ruiru, Meru. As a result of these trainings,
members engaged in outreach programs, souls were saved, discipleship classes were
done in some churches, and baptism conducted. Pastor Jairus Webuye, EAK Coordinator
and member of G.O.D. Planning committee


G.O.D. has contributed a great deal to the growth of the church I pastor. This church is
right at the heart where Muslims of Somali origin are many but none the less, G.O.D. has
been able to open this community to our reach. We usually have ongoing evangelism
activities in the region using diverse ways to reach out to these people group and others.
We did discipleship classes to the people who got born again during G.O.D. and even
baptized them in water. We thank God for G.O.D. Reverend Nkanatha Marangu, Senior
Pastor Redeemed Church Easteleigh Street


Evangelism is one way to assist gain entry. The importance and significance of the city
of Nairobi not just to the nation of Kenya, but to the whole continent of Africa is key.
Coming together of evangelism teams to conduct outreach in different corners of the
Central Business District of Nairobi was impactful. Manning of the five gates of entry with
teams adorned in G.O.D.T-shirst and sharing the gospel while issuing out tracts was
remarkable. Commiting specific offices of government and business was a high for me
and our prayer is that Nairobi belongs to Jesus Christ. Firebrand Team – A youth
evangelism team Rev. Ezekiel Jako, G.O.D. National Coordinator and trainer at KEGMA, Mariguini slum, Kibera, Kawangware, Kakamega,
Vihiga. Growth of churches is important. As the command of Jesus stands, we are all needed to go out there and bring in the harvest.
Evangelism is commanded of all of us and it is prudent to obey the call. Reverend Alusiola,
Pastor at Calvary Worship Center Komarock, EAK Nairobi Region Leaders and G.O.D.
Pastor Dismas Kweto – Senior Pastor Kobura Gospel Assembly Church Ahero Kisumu
By God’s wonderful grace te church was able to carry out door to door evangelism in the
villages. Ahero is a rice farm area and fifteen people were able to give their lives to Jesus
while in the farm and ten of those are fully committed to the church as members.
We were able to facilitate the provision of shelter to a crippled man who had no decent
house as a demonstration of the love of God to the community. In deed Global Outreach
day is the way to go


Our teams made major interventions in one of the saddest moments when Solai Dam, a dam that was
build for irrigation of flower farms in the Nakuru region. 58 people lost their lives but a
good number through the initiative of this team and others were able to save a score of
others from this disaster. This team demonstrated leadership coupled by God’s love in
showing compassion to the community. Local leaders have since embraced the team as
part of quick response team in the region. We are appreciative of the opportuinity to
demonstrate God’s love and for receiving G.O.D. in Nakuru – Pastor Alex, Clergy Chairman
Nakuru County


The KSCF week was a special annual event on the KSCF calendar. It was a time when
the entire KSCF family engaged in various activities that aim at increasing the visibility of
the ministry in churches and society, and also aimed at raising finances to meet
operational costs and as well as do Evangelism. This year’s KSCF week took place
on 26th May to 3rd June 2018 and were glad to have partnered with EAK during
GLOBAL OUTREACH DAY on the 26th May 2018 to do evangelism in our Secondary
Schools and in the neighbouring communities. KSCF were also glad to note that our
consultative meeting with EAK at Biblica and other partners was fruitful. KSCF was able
to borrow a leaf from the discussions and thus enhanced evangelism in schools.


Anticipated objective during KSCF WEEK in partnership with EAK and
1. Increase KSCF awareness in schools, churches and society
2. Improve Christian Union- school administration relations and the neighboring
3. Increase KSCF partnerships with individuals, churches and other like-minded
4. Resource mobilization for KSCF ministry.
5. Give Christian students and associates an opportunity to proclaim and
demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ in a number of ways; i.e. through

Evangelism, practical bible study and through acts of mercy and charity i.e. by
visiting the Sick in hospital the opharned and the less fortunate in the community.


Evangelism report of the KSCF week:
Glad to report that out of the many activities that were done during the KSCF WEEK,
evangelism was exemplary done. During that week, many counties organised
evangelistic events which included Weekend challenges, County and Sub-county rallies,
regional rallies, one on one evangelism in schools by Christian Union student to their
fellow students and to the members of staff and to the neighbouring communities. We
coordinated the KSCF week in 30 counties in Kenya and the following are the statistics
on Evangelism.

1. One-on-one evangelism 860 students participated and 890 got born again
2. Rallies 18 students participated 2350 got born again
Total number of people that received salvation – 3240


We are grateful for partner with EAK in this noble journey that has seen many people
trained for effective evangelism, many people reached, and a good number making a
decision to follow and live with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
We are truly thankful first to God for making this happen, to Global Outreach Day for
providing the much needed resources and for all the participants that engaged in the
process we are grateful. There is need for Bibles and we know that God will provide in
Jesus name.