1.0: Introduction
The World, Kenya and the church at large in the recent past have gone through unprecedented
challenges. Cognizant of the fact that Kenya is at a defining moment, with the General Elections
coming in less than a year. There is therefore clear indication that the church ought to be on
her knees in full prayer.


In view of this, EAK Board appointed that the Evangelical Church in Kenya establish the week of
Nov 15-21 2021 for nationwide Prayer. The theme verse for the Prayer Week was “Ask of me,
and I will make nations your inheritance, and the ends of the earth your possession” derived
from the Book of Psalms 2: 8.


The Evangelical Alliance of Kenya Prayer Week
aimed at catalyzing Christians especially from
the Evangelical persuasion into prayer.


2.0: The issues of concern
1) The state of the nation if the current political temperature is anything to go by is desperately
in need of change. Politics of decision, hate and rhetoric has become the order of the day.
With new dynamics and political realignment that has taken tribal and regional direction,
division, balkanization, and violence are eminent.
2) Covid-19 and its effects have taken a toll on every sector in the nation and hence the citizenry
are at a place of dire need. The pandemic slowed down economy as most businesses were
either locked down, slowed or shut down altogether.
3) Families owing to financial constraints and other related factors faced the brunt of the covid-
19 effects. Cases of violence, murder, separation and division increased drastically during this
period. Other possible factors that contributed to the negative impact on families included
church closure as Pastors were not able to minister effectively at a greater extent due to the
closure and also for their own safety. In person counseling sessions for psycho-social support
were curtailed in the process of time hence rise in mental challenges.
4) Media as vital and important as it is enhancing flow of communication and information
sharing, however, as important as it is, Media also hazes and glazes based on negative reports
flowing through the same channels.
Kenya, and especially the church must certainly pray for her healing and for the healing of the
land and the next general. “Righteousness Exalts a Nation, but, Sin is a reproach to a people”
(Proverbs 14: 34)


3.0: The Strategy
a. Daily prayer and reflection themes
When the Church prays – Tag line
1. Families are blessed
2. Business flourish
3. Gifts and talents are horned
4. Education becomes impactful
5. Media is good news
6. Leaders are anointed
7. Righteousness exalts a nation


b. Institutional/ Church Prayer meetings
The EAK Prayer Week mobilized all Evangelical Churches from the various Counties to prayer.
The concept spurred all churches to include prayer for the nation especially focusing on the
Seven Mountains of Influence namely, Family, Education/ Science and Technology, Media/
Communication, Sports-Arts and Entertainment, Economy/ Business, Government/ Politics and
finally Religion/ Church.


c. Sunday Prayer convocation
Hebrews 10:25 Challenges the church toward in-person assembly hence it was imperative for the
gathering to wrap up and commence a new face of prayer on Sunday 21st November 2021 at
CITAM Valley Road from 3 to 6pm. Invitation to the service was extended to clergy and church
leaders whilst others were encouraged to follow through Hope Media and Social Media


4.0: Approach/ Methodology
• This included dedicating each day to certain prayer issues.
• Synergy with other national prayer platforms
• The morning began with some national leaders leading the nation in devotion and prayer;
also having discussion on media discussing righteousness in each mountain of influence daily
• Assigned each day to 2-3 churches/ Counties/ regions/ areas (depending on church structure)
to take lead
• Concluded the week on Sunday 21st Nov with each EAK congregation devoting time to pray for
the nation, the church and the leaders. That same Sunday of 21st, there was an EAK ecumenical
service where the sermon delivered by national Chairperson focused on Psalms 2:8 and Proverbs
14:34. The service conducted at CITAM Valley Road Church from 3pm to 6pm and was
broadcasted live on national Christian media stations (Hope, Sayare, and MBI and also on social media platforms.
• There was an appeal for collection of a love offering in support of EAK Mission work from every single congregation that was to be sent via EAK           Paybill number.
•  Prayer Launch: Launch a national as well as a continental prayer desk/ movement.


5.0: Roles and responsibilities
1) EAK National Board – Endorsements and support
2) EAK Secretariat – General operations and logistics
3) Bishop Joseph Likavo – Chairing planning committee meetings and partnerships
4) Bishop Othniel Mwabili – Coordination Media
5) Rev. Arnold Orono – Coordinating preparation of documents/ Prayer schedule


6.0: Sunday 21st November 2021, at CITAM Valley Road at 3:30 – 6pm
EAK had a gathering for clergy and Church leaders on Sunday 21st November 2021 to wrap up the
EAK Prayer Week. The service was attended by key clergy from churches within Nairobi and its
environs and others from all over the nation followed through Hope Media and Social Media
platforms. Message was delivered by the EAK Chairman Bishop Dr. David Oginde from the Book
of Psalms Chapter 2:8 on “Ask of me and I will give you nations as an inheritance and the
uttermost part for your possession.”


6.1: Sunday Program
3:30 Welcome Remarks and sharing of purpose Dr. Nelson Makanda
3:40 Praise & Worship CITAM Worship Team
4:00 Message on the theme for the Prayer Week Dr. David Oginde (Bishop)
4:20 Prayer for thanksgiving Bishop Peter Njao
4:30 Prayer for repentance 1
Prayer for repentance 2
Bishop Jesse Ireri
Pastor Irene KIbagendi
Prayer for the Seven Mountains of influence (Psalms 2:8) “Ask of Me, and I will give you
4:40 Prayer for family Bishop Mathews Monde
4:50 Prayer for Business/ Economy Bishop Murunga
5:00 Prayer for Gifts/ Talent (Sports, Arts and
Bishop Simon Njagi
5:10 Prayer for Education Pastor Dr. Esther Obasi-Ike
5:20 Prayer for Politics/ Government Bishop Geoffrey Njuguna
5:30 Prayer for Media/ Communication Apostle Prince Obasi-Ike
5:40 Prayer for Religion/ Church Dr. Master Mathlaoppe
5:50 Launching of the Annual Evangel National
Prayer Movement
Dr. Master Mathlaoppe/ Dr.
David Oginde (Bishop)
6:00 Benediction & Singing of the National Anthem Dr. Nelson Makanda


7.0: Conclusion
EAK realizes the special place of prayer in the lives of believers. It is imperative that all believers,
clergy and ministry institutionalize prayer as one on the main mandates and functions. The EAK
Prayer Week shall be a national annual event engaging and involving the whole body.
Subsequently, a Prayer Desk was launched both at EAK for the Kenyan Office, and at AEA at the
Continental level. The launch was conducted by Dr. Master Mathlaoppe, the AEA General
Secretary and Bishop Dr. David Oginde, the AEA both East Africa President and Continental Vice
President as well as EAK Chairperson.