A program aimed at working with religious institution

Faith and community Initiative (FCI)

A program aimed at working with religious institution to address Violence against women and
children and its relation to the spread of HIV and Aids. It is a program that seeks to confront
communal norms as well as causing change in a natural process.
The program known as SASA is an acronym for four wards namely Start, Awareness and Support.
Four groups are targeted namely men, women, youth and children at different levels and the
ultimate goal is to cause positive change, encourage people participation and ultimately
encourage HIV testing.

1. Trained 30 Leaders from 10 Counties namely Nairobi, Machakos, Kiambu, Kajiado, Narok,
Nakuru, Nyeri, Meru, Mombasa and Kilifi.
2. Cascaded training in the 10 Counties by training 30 clergy and church leaders per county.
3. Trained 30 Faith Healing and Drug Adherence Advocates from the 10 counties.
4. Through the 30 Faith Healing and Drug Adherence Advocates, about 1,000 defaulters
have been placed back on ARVs, about 300 support groups formed, support system for
hospitals and ART groups strengthened.
5. Messages od Hope on covid 19 and HIV have been shared through 500 mapped churches.
6. Impact directly created in reaching out to individuals is in millions.
7. EAK has trained County organs on strategies of creating synergy to fight violence against
8. Media strategy in disseminating messages oh hope and o the topical issues was developed
and impact in millions recorded.
9. Together with CHAK are running virtual trainings on covid – 19, sharing truths and
demystifying myths.